Malawi·September 27 - 29 2019

Lake of Stars Discovery

A unique, immersive adventure through curated music, talks, poetry, theatre, film and wellness activities from Malawi and across the globe.

Mlambe talks


One of Africa’s leading festivals, the renowned international arts event Lake of Stars returns this September in an exciting new boutique format: Lake of Stars Discovery. The three-day celebration will take place in a beautiful, remote setting where a castle stands on the curve of a tropical lake. Located in northern Malawi, Kachere Kastle is a stunning lodge hand-built in the style of a Moroccan castle, set on rolling white sands by the crystal-clear waters of Lake Malawi. More than just a festival, Lake of Stars is a life-affirming experience in an intimate and inspiring setting. Set in the Warm Heart of Africa, the event is an opportunity to enjoy the famous Malawian hospitality and meet like-minded travellers from across the world.

Lake of Stars Discovery

Malawi·September 27 - 29 2019·2 nights